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On The Road

Repertoire Vocaal

Memphis Tennessee                      That 'll Be the Day                    Call Me The                   
Move It                                           Johnny B. Goode                     I saw her    standing there                 
Be Bop a Lula                                Living Doll                              Please don't  tease
Great Balls of Fire                        Storms never last                       Three Steps to Heaven    
Please don't Tease                         I saw her standing there            All you ever do is bring me down   

 Singing the Blues                        Wonderfull tonight                      Thunder Boogie   
Blue Suede Shoes                        I'm gonna Knock on Your Door    Sophietje                               
Mean Woman Blues                     Forty Days                                     When the girls in your arms
Memhis Tennessee                       Save the Last Dance                       That's allright Mama                   
Bad Moon Rising                         Return to Sender                    

 One Night                                       Bachelor Boy                                
Old Black Joe                               Fanny Felings                                                              
Great Ball's of  Fire                     Grazy Arms                                   

Crazy arms                                   Barts Boogie
Matchbox                                      Pretend                                         
Route 66                                        I can Help                                    

Itt'll Be Me                                     Bye Bye Love                          
The Young ones                            FBI
Singing the Blues                          Little Sister
Hello Mary Lou                            We say Yea
Have you ever seen the Rain